Straight Line Rip Saw

Specifications FR-12 MODEL FR-16 MODEL FR-20 MODEL
Gluing length range 200 – 1500mm 200 – 2300mm 300-3000mmm
Maximum depth of cut 75mm 75mm 135mmm
Standard saw blade diameter 305mm 305mm 510mm
Maximum saw blade diameter 355mm 355mm 510mm
Saw motor power 7.5kw (10p) 7.5kw (10hp) 11.0kw (15hp)
Feed motor power 1.5kw 1.5kw 3.0kw
Feed speed 14 /18/ 24m/ min 14 /18/ 24m/ min 13-50m/min
Chain lubrication Automatic Automatic Automatic
Number of pressure rollers 6 8 8
Distance from saw blade to frame 460mm 460mm 660mm
Table width to left of saw blade 405mm 455mm 425mm
Table width to right of saw blade 445mm 445mm 590mm
Table dimensions 1400 x 850 x 800mm 1750 x 900 x 850mm 2240 x 1670 x 1650