Profile Copy Grinder

The Profile Copy Grinder is a robust tool profile grinder with all the features required to produce highly accurate grinding of even the most intricate profiles. The grinding wheel head is quadrant mounted to keep the grinding angle constant throughout the life of the wheel. Linear bearing system is set to an accuracy of 0.005mm over the length of the grind.
Specification PCG-1212 MODEL PCG-1010 MODEL
Maximum Length of Cutterhead 320mm 265mm
Maximum Diameter of Cutterhead 300mm 250mm
Wheel Size 255mm 200mm
Wheel Speed (variable) 1500-2900 rpm 1500-4200 rpm
Wheel Motor 2 HP 3 HP
Coolant Pump 1/8 HP 1/8 HP
Coolant Capacity 40 Lt 40 Lt
Machine Size 1050mmL x 1220mmW x 1380mmH 1040mmL x 1120mmW x 1500mmH
Machine Weight 940 Kg 800 Kg