Multi Rip Saws


As not one sawmill or production plant is the same ADVANCED TIMBER SYSTEMS has over 8 models of standard multiple rip saws plus custom built machines available on request.

The MRS-175 (pictured on the left) is a heavy duty multi-rip saw for the serious sawmiller. With 125hp and a full 175mm depth of cut this machine will handle most jobs in both hard and softwoods. To aid in extending the sawing life the MRS-175 is fitted with a spray cooling device which not only provides cooling but also cleaning of the saws.

The MRS-340M2 (pictured on the right) is a compact yet heavy duty multi-rip saw with programmable moveable saws suitable for variable width applications in both hard & soft timbers. With the optional lasers and quick change saw sleeves the MRS-340M2 is solid enough for heavy duty applications yet flexible enough for short batch runs with different saw patterns.
Specifications MRS-175 MODEL MRS-340M2 MODEL
Blade Diameter 455mm 300mm
Arbor Diameter 55mm 70mm
Sleeve Diameter 70mm 90mm
Maximum Depth of Cut 175mm 75mm (movable saws)
Minimum Width between Blades 350mm 302mm
Feed Chain Width 350mm 350mm
Feed Chain Speed 2.5-24m/min 5-40m/min
Saw Spindle Speed 2500rpm 3800rpm
Saw Motor 125hp, 3ph 60hp, 3ph
Feed Motor 3hp, 3ph 3hp, 3ph