End Matcher

The EMA-250 End Matcher has been designed in Australia and purpose built to handle the wide variety of timber processed in the region. With a proven design track record over the past 9 years there are currently over 50 similar machines operating throughout the country and overseas. The EMA-250 is built to the latest design standards incorporating a number of time saving and safety devices and with the ability to process material as short as 270mm and as wide as 250mm.
Specifications Value
Maximum length of timber No limit
Minimum length of timber 270mm
Maximum width of timber 250mm
Minimum width of timber 40mm
Maximum thickness of timber 35mm
Minimum thickness of timber 10mm
Maximum length of timber No limit
Feed speed 90m/min
Processing speed 24m/min (approx.)
Clamping Pneumatic (top & side)
Spindle motors 4.0kw (x2)
Feed motor 0.75kw
Infeed conveyor 4.0m (powered)m
Outfeed conveyor 4.0m (static)
Working pressure 5kg/cm2
Electrical supply 415v, 3ph, 50hz
Control circuit 24v