Portable Dust Collector

Advanced Timber Systems sells a large range of portable dust collectors however there are 2 main units which suit most applications a portable system is used for:

FDC-515 Single Bag Unit

Specifications Value
Motor 2Hp
Air Flow 1172 CFM
Drum Diameter 500mm
Sound 66-86 DB
Power 240 Volt

FDC-525 Double Bag Unit

Specifications Value
Motor 3Hp
Air Flow 1862 CFM
Drum Diameter 500mm
Sound 70-90 DB
Power 240 or 415 Volt
We also stock a large range of plastic blast gates, S/S lock rings and PU hose (75mm - 300mm diameter)

Jet Pulse Bag Dust Collector

The FULLPOWER range of jet pulse dust collectors cover all types and size machine applications from small machine shops to larger scale processing plants.
With 12 different models in the range there will be a unit to suit your needs.

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September 30, 2015

Portable and Jet Pulse Bag Dust Collectors

September 25, 2015

Dust Collectors