Band Resaw


The FULLPOWER band resaws are built along the same proven lines as the Robinson EF/T and Stenner VHM models with the ability to handle all timbers from imported softwoods through to our local hardwoods. The hydraulic hob feed system gives positive feeding of both wet and dry timbers and is infinitely variable to give better cutting control.
Specifications FTF-900 MODEL FTF-700 MODEL
Cutting Capacity 500mm x 500mm 350mm x 350mm
Min Distance from Fence to Blade 3mm 3mm
Max Distance from Fence to Blade 230mm 185mm
Max Distance from Feedwheel to Blade 300mm 190mm
Wheel Diameter 915mm 711mm
Wheel Width 89mm 89mm
Blade Width up to 102mm up to 102mm
Blade Length 5760mm 4850mm
Motor Size 22.5kw 15kw
Feed Speed 0-37m/min 0-26m/min
Hydraulic Pump Motor 1.5kw 1.5kw
Machine Weight 2200kg 1500kg